Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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Round 1 Games

The Cobras are playing San Francisco tonight at 8:30pm Eastern. It's such a shame because my bed time is at 9pm; I might make it to 10pm before crashing.

Go Cobras!

Two games have started:

Malugu-CAR vs. Naroditsky-SF

A Sicilian - I only played closed/grand prix and have no understanding of any other sicilians so I can't comment much on it.

Friedel-SF vs. Milman-CAR

A Ruy Lopez. The Marshall they've said. Move 17 - Friedel has an hour and Milman has 38 minutes.

Pruess-SF vs. CraigJones-CAR

A French, I only play exchange as white - so another game I don't know much about. :)

Zaikov-CAR vs. Bhat-SF

A Nimzo-Indian - something else I don't play - at least not yet. (Forget about this mention future d4 opponents)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

1. Aug 29: Black vs San Francisco Mechanics (8:30 ET)

1. GM Patrick Wolff: 2623 -
2. IM Josh Friedel: 2535 -
3. IM Vinay Bhat: 2465 -
4. IM Vince McCambridge: 2502 -
5. IM David Pruess: 2452 -
6. IM John Donaldson: 2460 -
An NY Times Article
7. Daniel Naroditsky: 2076 -
8. Gregory Young: 2043 -

Cobras' 2007 Schedule

2007 Schedule

1. Aug 29: Black vs San Francisco Mechanics (8:30 ET)
2. Sept 5: White vs Baltimore Kingfishers (7:15 ET)
3. Sept 12: Black vs Miami Sharks (7:30 ET)
4. Sept 19: Black vs Dallas Destiny (8:15 ET)
5. Sept 26: White vs Seattle Sluggers (9:00 ET)
6. Oct 3: Black vs New Jersey Knockouts (7:00 ET)
7. Oct 10: White vs Tennessee Tempo (8:00 ET)
8. Oct 17: White vs San Francisco Mechanics (8:30 ET)
9. Oct 24: White vs Miami Sharks (7:45 ET)
10. Oct 31: Black vs Tennessee Tempo (8:15 ET)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

All About Cobra Udayan Bapat

All About Cobra FM Andrey Chumachenko

All About Cobra NM Timur Aliyev

Timur Aliyev has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from
Technion University in Israel -

All About Cobra John Timmel

All About Cobra NM Craig Jones - written by NM Craig Jones
The crosstable from the above reported event:

All About Cobra FM Oleg Zaikov

A member of the Duke University Chess Club - - Represented Oregon in the 2004 US State Champion of Champions through the semi-finals

Oleg Zaikov of Eugene, Oregon finished third at the 2003 Denker Tournament of High School Champions - Was a 2006 Scholar-Chessplayer Outstanding Achievement Awards winner - Oregon State Champion 2003 - 2006

Sunday, August 19, 2007

All About Cobra IM Jonathan Schroer
 1: Hi! I am International Master Jonathan Schroer, many times North Carolina
Champion since 1993. I am a professional scholastic coach and Program
Director of the Emory-Atlanta Castle Chess Camp. I have been giving ICC/phone
lessons (individual and group) since 1995.

All About Cobra IM Lev Milman

From the Final Four 2007 Program:
USCF rating: 2513
Home state/country: New York, U.S.A.
Chess accomplishment: International Master (2 GM norms)
Academic accomplishments: Economics, Markets and Management Studies
Other interest/hobbies: AEPi, all things entrepreneurial, looking like Peyton Manning, large chip stacks, and putting the collar down.